Friction loss of 1/3 of the world's energy, about 70% of the equipment damage is caused by various forms of wear and tear. Mechanical and electrical equipment for industrial developed countries wear, each year as a result of loss of more than $100 billion, in our country every year due to damage caused by wear and tear is in the hundreds of billions of yuan. Material conveying process is also very serious wear, not only reduces the service life of the equipment, resulting in significant economic losses, but also to the transport environment, maintenance personnel's physical health has a great impact.

The basic principles of our anti abrasive solution:

One, for different material delivery to provide a solution based on the scene, from the change of the track of the material delivery, reduce the impact of the impact point, from the source to reduce wear.

Two, we have a strong wear resistant material library, the performance of a variety of wear-resistant materials have a full understanding, according to different material characteristics, the different materials in the right place.

Three, the full combination of the actual operation of the technical data, to the field data provided by the field service engineers to design the input parameters (impact, drop, noise...).

The product (with detailed graphic introduction):

Three in one wear-resistant ceramic lining plate

Combination of wear resistant ceramic lining board

Wear resistant ceramic pipe

PU high polymer roller

Ceramic roller